Necessary golf gear for seniors

Most golfers are seniors, i think that is due to the fact that people usually start playing golf once they retire and need something to entertain themselves. Of course, there are many people who start playing golf in their youth and still continue to pursue it once they’re old, but i think they are minority. Although i must assert that i don’t have any official statistics to support that claim. Golf is rightfully stereotyped as being old people’s sport,  and one of the reasons for that might be young people’s lack of enthusiasm for golf. Whatever the reason is, young people are just not that into golf anymore. I think it’s appearance of alternative entertainment opportunities, like video games and unlimited media content that they can binge watch. Let’s get back to talking about seniors though. Because there are so many of senior golfers, golf manufacturers have started making golf gear designed specifically for these players. We’ll be talking about what sort of gear is best and necessary for seniors these days, and how to go about getting it.

First and most obvious, are probably golf clubs. Every golfer needs good set of clubs to excel at this game, and seniors are no exception. Their needs differ from those of average golfer a little bit, though. Mainly due to their physical condition. Senior golfers don’t have as much strength, which also affects their swing speeds and techniques. That’s why i think that golf clubs that are made for seniors should be at least two of these three things : lightweight, easy to hit, and forgiving. It’s hard to pin down what exactly forgiveness means, especially considering the fact that that word is being thrown around carelessly, but to me, it means that golf club is forgiving of errors in player’s swing. Because of previously mentioned reasons, seniors make a lot of mistakes in their swings. For once, stability of some of their hands is much less than what it used to be, so it should be expected that they’re going to mess up more of their shots.

One more piece of golf gear that is essential for seniors to get right is a golf bag. It is what you use to carry your golf clubs around the course, so not only do golfers use their bags every day, but design of those clubs affect their performance significantly. If your golf bag is uncomfortable to carry around and always requires your attention, you’ll be too exhausted to reach your peak performance on golf course. To make sure that you won’t have such a problem, there are few features that your golf club must have. First of all, it’s design must be well-thought-of and ergonomic, not just stylish. By that, i mean this : it’s straps (or other mode of transportation) should be comfortable on your shoulders or on your arms, depending on how you’re carrying them. I like cart bags even more than normal golf bags. They can be moved like a trolley and are excellent option for golfers who like to walk on the golf course. If you can’t afford one, i’d recommend getting at least the kind of golf bag that can stand on its legs. I believe they’re called stand bags. I believe that’s all the advice i have to give, i hope it was helpful for any senior golfer looking for recommendations on how to buy golf gear. 

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