How to know when to replace irons

As a beginner, you probably got a golf club set that came with irons that seemed decent at first, but as your skills grew, you outgrew them, yet still feel familiar and can’t realize why you’re not achieving your highest potential. Let’s propose another scenario, too – you’ve had irons for years, and even though they were expensive when you first bought them, now something about your game is just not right. You might not know it, but in both of these situations, you need to replace your irons. I think they are the most important clubs in your set, so playing with subpar irons might be the reason for why your results are not so great. As a beginner, it’s pretty hard to notice when it’s time to replace your clubs, which is why i’m writing this guide now. Sometimes even seniors don’t realize it. Other times, golfers do realize it, but they’ve grown attached to their irons and don’t want to let go of them.

Few years back, i was in that same exact situation as well. I had 7 year old TaylorMade iron set, which i spent a lot of money on when i bought them. What i didn’t realize though, was that technology had moved on and now my irons were both rugged and outdated technologically. It was when my friend let me play with his new set of PING irons that i realized i was clinging to something obsolete. As soon as i got to play with newer clubs, i realized that i was wasting my time with my old clubs. My results improved almost instantly, not to mention the feel the PING irons had and joy they brought me. Next day, i went to the local golf retailer and tried on few of the sets they had. None were as good as that PING set, so i settled with that one. Usually it takes some time to get used to new set of irons, but i clicked with these instantly. I guess i was destined to spend years playing with them.

I think it’s especially important for seniors to replace irons when they are not suitable anymore. I know a golfer who went through his fifties playing with regular flex irons, but slowly, his scores started to drop. After weeks of struggle, he discovered that what he needed was senior flex irons. I guess it’s kind of surprising to realize you’re a senior on a golf course, but anyway, as soon as he got irons that were made for seniors, problems went away. If you are in the same situation and don’t know how to look for seniors’ irons, this tutorial by George might be helpful.

The main thing, in my opinion, is passage of time. Even if your old golf clubs are in perfect condition, if they are five or more years old, they are just not up to date enough to give you best results. If you get newer set of irons instead, you should expect your distance increase by at least dozen yards. If the cost of new set (which, at this time, around five hundred bucks for decent sets) is worth that kind of improvement and enjoyment for you, you shouldn’t think twice about getting a new set.

One more situation that i’ve mentioned here is when beginner outgrows their old set of irons. Usually, irons are divided as game improvement irons and player’s irons. The latter is for experienced players and the former is for beginners. So if beginner plays with game improvement irons for a few years and outgrows them, it’s obvious that he or she will be wasting his/her potential by playing with them. Still, if your clubs are somewhat new and you’ve taken good care of them, you should be able to sell them for decent price and get new one.

I think that about describes the process of finding out when to replace your iron set.

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