How to choose golf clubs for women

Golfers are usually limited to carrying 14 golf clubs with them on the course. Which exact clubs they choose is up to them, and for beginners, making your first golf club set can be a huge challenge. It is especially hard for women, because they don’t have wide range of choices like men do. But there are few things they can do to make whole process simpler. For once, when you’re choosing golf clubs for yourself, first thing you should do is learn more about your measurements such as height, swing speed, even shoe size. That is necessary to find golf clubs that fit you perfectly.

 Standard ladies’ golf club set will include woods, irons, wedges and one putter.  There is likely to be three woods included – driver, 3 wood and 5 wood. Some club sets, with fewer overall number of clubs, don’t include 5 wood.  There is also iron set – usually consisting of 5 or more irons. Choosing which iron to hit is confusing at first, but basically, your choice should depend on how far the target is and how much accuracy you feel like you’ll need. Modern hybrids have become so good that some women choose to replace irons with them. Hybrids appeal to women because of their lightweight materials and good feel. Hybrids also tend to be easier to hit for beginners and more forgiving, regardless of gender.

 Ladies tend to have slower swing speed than men, because they are aren’t as big physically and also weaker. That’s why golf club manufacturers are making separate golf clubs for each gender. Women golfers rarely have high enough swing speed to justify playing with men’s clubs, and vice versa. Needless to say, one should choose golf club depending on the speed of their swing speed. For example, titanium clubfaces are great for women with slow swing speeds. If you’re having trouble getting ball to fly up in the air, there are golf clubs made for that as well. Club manufacturers tweak little things to give you more advantage over the situation. When golf club is likely to encourage high flying shots, it is said to have high backspin.

 Which exact iron set you get depends on the level of your experience as well. More experienced women tend to get lower irons and hybrids, but for beginners, higher irons like 7-iron are more recommended. Beginner ladies also tend to use longer woods instead of high irons. As mentioned above, there are other design tweaks that manufacturers use to make golf clubs more beginner friendly. If you think you’re going to need it, look for game improvement golf clubs for women.

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