Essential clubs for beginners

Usually, when it comes to golf clubs, beginners are told to get entire set of them to be safe. Main argument in favor of that advice is that, beginners don’t have enough knowledge to choose golf clubs one by one, and they shouldn’t waste time in trying to learn. In my opinion, that’s a good point, but it overlooks few aspects of being a beginner golfer, especially as a woman. One thing that often gets overlooked is the fact that as a beginner, sometimes just few clubs can suffice, so buying entire set can be considered kind of wasteful. For example, as a beginner, i only had a driver, three hybrids to replace fairway woods and irons, and a putter. That’s total of 5 golf clubs, but as a beginner, it was perfect for me. I slowly learned all the necessary basics of using golf clubs. In this article, i’m going to be discussing golf clubs and in particular, golf clubs that are absolutely essential for beginner golfers.

First of all, let’s talk about woods and irons, how they work in tandem and what their differences are. Most golf club sets include these two types of clubs, although there are some sets that are comprised entirely of hybrids. Woods and irons are very different and they are used in different situations as well. Woods are designed to get your ball to fly as far as possible, so that you can get it closer to the hole. Irons, on the other hand, are designed to be accurate and they are used to get the ball near the hole, so that you can finally put it in using a putter. Woods got that name because they used to be made of wood long time ago, but that’s no longer the case. Most common materials for woods as well as irons are titanium and steel. They are also different in their physical structure. Woods tend to be longer and have larger club heads, which allows them to make ball fly higher and make it cover longer distance. We’ve also mentioned hybrids, and let’s explain what they are. Hybrids, as you can probably guess based on their name, are clubs that are somewhere in between irons and woods. Personally,  i like them a lot, because i think they incorporate best features of both types of clubs. Because of their versatile design, hybrids are also used in many other situations.

Golf has a rule that one player is only allowed to use fourteen clubs on the golf course, but i think most casual players don’t need any more than five or six. At least when you’re just getting started, extra golf clubs will be more hindrance rather than help. Knowing how to use extra golf clubs properly takes a lot of experience and relevant knowledge. This is why i think that for beginners, having just one club of each type can be more than enough. Once you reach the intermediate level though, you might want to upgrade to something better. I like this review, which talks about golf clubs for average players.

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