Are utility irons effective?

When it comes to making long distance shots on the golf course, players usually have three choices : using woods, hybrids or utility irons. Woods are often the default choice and standard for most golfers, but more and more of them have been re-considering their choice of using woods. There are many situations in which hybrids and utility irons are in fact, more effective. But let’s talk about that later. Now, let’s clarify what exactly utility irons are and what they are used for. As we’ve mentioned before, they are used for hitting golf balls out of fairway greens. They differ from normal irons in their design and other features. They are designed to make the ball fly longer than normal irons, while trying to minimize the sacrifice in accuracy. This may seem like too much to ask of one club, but there are many such driving irons which are commonly used by golfers, even professionals. In fact, a lot of professionals use driving irons on tournaments, allegedly because of their superior performance. One thing can be said for sure – utility irons are hard to swing, but once you figure out how to do it properly, then using them is a breeze and will give you major advantage over your competitors. Because of their low backspin, driving irons are also very good for windy environment. To use them properly, you must have a lot of experience and muscle knowledge. I would recommend taking few lessons to improve your swing and actually practicing on the golf course.

In my opinion, the best brand making utility irons right now is Callaway. Their X-forged iron is probably the best among its class on the market right now. It’s design is great in every way – in style as well as in real game improvement effects it has. They have also chosen to make club head of this utility iron out of tungsten, a premium material that further promotes forgiveness in this club. However, if you are looking for budget friendly utility iron, X-forged utility iron might not be the best fit for you.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, then it might be a good idea to check out used golf clubs. You can find a lot of high-end clubs that are being sold at half or one third of a price, just because they’ve been taken out of the box and used only once or twice. However, finding such deals is not easy, and requires some time and intricate knowledge of golf clubs. If you don’t have these, i’d advise to either gain knowledge about utility irons by reading about them, or asking a friend to help out. Either way, eBay and Craigslist are good place to search, although i must warn you that there are many knockoff golf clubs listed on craigslist. So, probably eBay is the better place to buy used clubs.

If you’re a beginner though, i’d recommend using woods and hybrids, not utility irons. They have steep learning curve and are better suited for experienced golfers who know what they’re doing. 

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