Annoying things about traveling for golf

I’ve been to many different countries for sole purpose of playing golf. Sometimes alone, but mostly with my friends who also like to play golf. So i know quite a lot about ins and outs of golf travel. When i go to the golf course near my home, people always ask me things about traveling for golf and i try to give the best advice i can. Today, i want to talk about annoying things that happen when you’re on the golf trip. Some of it is fault of travel companies or airways, while other things happen because of ignorance of people. So hopefully, all of them can learn a thing or two, so that we can make each other’s lives easier.

 First and most annoying thing is airlines and their treatment of golf bags. Airlines sometimes even charge you extra to carry golf bag, not to mention the fact that you have to pay twice or three times as much for the shipping. That is, because golf clubs are fragile, and need special treatment in order to not get damaged easily. Granted, some of the airlines don’t do this, and i try to stick with them whenever i can, but sometimes, their prices are too high and i have to go with the ones that try to make traveling golfers’ life difficult however they can.

 There are many excellent golf courses that have really bad guest rooms. I don’t know why they hesitate to renovate them, but it leaves really bad impression when you’ve traveled such a long distance just to be there. Golf courses never include these pictures on their websites either. They probably don’t make effort because the actual courses are good enough to attract more than enough visitors as it is. Still, i wish they took a little more care of indoors, as well. While we’re at it, i also hate when golf courses have bad websites. When that’s the case, i have to search for most basic information all over the internet, usually tripadvisor. When golf course doesn’t have basic things like properly functioning website, i am really skeptical of it’s value.

 One thing that annoys me more than slow players themselves, is bad slow play enforcers. It is their duty to make sure that game goes on uninterrupted, but for some reason, i’ve had more than few cases of enforcers who did nothing and as a result, ruined everyone’s day. I always look for that when going through review of a golf course.

  I usually carry my golf club set with me wherever i go, but still, sometimes i like to rent clubs locally. It’s really disturbing when golf course doesn’t have any top quality club set available for rental. I usually try to find that out in advance before going, though. While we’re on topic of spending money on the course, i also hate when stores on the course overcharge for most basic items like bottle of water. It is usually possible to buy solid golf clubs locally, but i’m left handed, so buying good left handed clubs isn’t really a viable option. GolfClubsGuru gives some really good advice on buying clubs as left handed person.

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