Different types of drivers

A driver is the largest and most important club in your set. Typically, club sets for average golfers have about ten clubs in them, but none of the other nine are as important as the driver. You have to absolutely nail the task of getting good driver for yourself, or your results won’t reach their best potential. I’m not saying that getting good irons, woods or hybrids isn’t important, but driver is certainly the most important of them all. Drivers are pretty expensive too, and since they are most important club, beginners often choose drivers with specific game-improvement designs to fix any problems they might have. In this article, i wanted to talk about few of those types of drivers.

First of all, let’s discuss draw drivers. What are they? Draw, or d-type drivers as they are otherwise called, are the clubs specifically designed to correct a slice or reduce chances of it happening. Needless to say, these drivers are extremely useful and popular among beginners, who often slice their shots. Manufacturers often achieve this effect by means of some design tweaks. Altering the center of gravity by positioning weights in certain areas is one of those tricks. Some clubs also have larger and somewhat altered club faces, which reduce chances of making a slice. There are tons of other features that golf club designers include in these clubs to make them more beginner friendly. If you’re interested in golf clubs that can help you to correct your slicing habits, check this guide. There is one more type of drivers that try to correct a slice, called offset drivers. Draw drivers are typically much better, but they are more expensive too. So ultimately, it comes down to choosing between effectiveness and low price. Still, i have played with offset drivers and have to say that they get the job done well.

Just twenty years ago, there were only few woods and drivers to choose when you were looking for long-distance clubs. Now people use woods and even hybrids to replace drivers entirely. One of the most important of such attempts is introduction of mini drivers by TaylorMade. These clubs are mix of fairway woods and normal drivers, featuring key characteristics of both, but mostly it looks like a driver. Typically, heads of mini drivers are much smaller than normal irons, and they are shorter in length as well. Club heads of mini drivers are usually slightly larger than heads of fairway woods though. This is what i mean when i say that mini drivers are sort of “hybrid” of woods and drivers.

Advantage of a driver having large club head is that they are usually much easier to hit than the ones with small heads. Although it should also be noted that mini drivers with small heads are much more accurate than most normal drivers. One more advantage of having tinier club head is that smaller head can move through air much faster, thus allowing golfer to swing his/her driver much more effectively. Mini drivers also typically come in much lower degrees of loft than other drivers. I think mini drivers aren’t anything spectacular for beginners and casual golfers, but they are great for experienced golfers.

Good drivers typically cost at least two hundred dollars or more. Different drivers, such as mini drivers or draw type drivers, usually cost a bit more. For example, Callaway Rogue Draw, one of the best drivers for fixing a slice, costs almost four hundred dollars. That may seem over the top to most people, but i think the quality is worth it. If you’re on tight budget and don’t want to spend that much on  a single club, there are few ways you can still get good driver without going broke. The best way, in my opinion, is buying used clubs. Some clubs might technically be classified as second hand, but they have amazing quality and little signs of use. Clubs in that kind of condition usually cost about half of retail price of brand new club. If you don’t want to play with second hand driver, you could wait for holidays and golf club sales.

How to know when to replace irons

As a beginner, you probably got a golf club set that came with irons that seemed decent at first, but as your skills grew, you outgrew them, yet still feel familiar and can’t realize why you’re not achieving your highest potential. Let’s propose another scenario, too – you’ve had irons for years, and even though they were expensive when you first bought them, now something about your game is just not right. You might not know it, but in both of these situations, you need to replace your irons. I think they are the most important clubs in your set, so playing with subpar irons might be the reason for why your results are not so great. As a beginner, it’s pretty hard to notice when it’s time to replace your clubs, which is why i’m writing this guide now. Sometimes even seniors don’t realize it. Other times, golfers do realize it, but they’ve grown attached to their irons and don’t want to let go of them.

Few years back, i was in that same exact situation as well. I had 7 year old TaylorMade iron set, which i spent a lot of money on when i bought them. What i didn’t realize though, was that technology had moved on and now my irons were both rugged and outdated technologically. It was when my friend let me play with his new set of PING irons that i realized i was clinging to something obsolete. As soon as i got to play with newer clubs, i realized that i was wasting my time with my old clubs. My results improved almost instantly, not to mention the feel the PING irons had and joy they brought me. Next day, i went to the local golf retailer and tried on few of the sets they had. None were as good as that PING set, so i settled with that one. Usually it takes some time to get used to new set of irons, but i clicked with these instantly. I guess i was destined to spend years playing with them.

I think it’s especially important for seniors to replace irons when they are not suitable anymore. I know a golfer who went through his fifties playing with regular flex irons, but slowly, his scores started to drop. After weeks of struggle, he discovered that what he needed was senior flex irons. I guess it’s kind of surprising to realize you’re a senior on a golf course, but anyway, as soon as he got irons that were made for seniors, problems went away. If you are in the same situation and don’t know how to look for seniors’ irons, this tutorial by George might be helpful.

The main thing, in my opinion, is passage of time. Even if your old golf clubs are in perfect condition, if they are five or more years old, they are just not up to date enough to give you best results. If you get newer set of irons instead, you should expect your distance increase by at least dozen yards. If the cost of new set (which, at this time, around five hundred bucks for decent sets) is worth that kind of improvement and enjoyment for you, you shouldn’t think twice about getting a new set.

One more situation that i’ve mentioned here is when beginner outgrows their old set of irons. Usually, irons are divided as game improvement irons and player’s irons. The latter is for experienced players and the former is for beginners. So if beginner plays with game improvement irons for a few years and outgrows them, it’s obvious that he or she will be wasting his/her potential by playing with them. Still, if your clubs are somewhat new and you’ve taken good care of them, you should be able to sell them for decent price and get new one.

I think that about describes the process of finding out when to replace your iron set.

Essential clubs for beginners

Usually, when it comes to golf clubs, beginners are told to get entire set of them to be safe. Main argument in favor of that advice is that, beginners don’t have enough knowledge to choose golf clubs one by one, and they shouldn’t waste time in trying to learn. In my opinion, that’s a good point, but it overlooks few aspects of being a beginner golfer, especially as a woman. One thing that often gets overlooked is the fact that as a beginner, sometimes just few clubs can suffice, so buying entire set can be considered kind of wasteful. For example, as a beginner, i only had a driver, three hybrids to replace fairway woods and irons, and a putter. That’s total of 5 golf clubs, but as a beginner, it was perfect for me. I slowly learned all the necessary basics of using golf clubs. In this article, i’m going to be discussing golf clubs and in particular, golf clubs that are absolutely essential for beginner golfers.

First of all, let’s talk about woods and irons, how they work in tandem and what their differences are. Most golf club sets include these two types of clubs, although there are some sets that are comprised entirely of hybrids. Woods and irons are very different and they are used in different situations as well. Woods are designed to get your ball to fly as far as possible, so that you can get it closer to the hole. Irons, on the other hand, are designed to be accurate and they are used to get the ball near the hole, so that you can finally put it in using a putter. Woods got that name because they used to be made of wood long time ago, but that’s no longer the case. Most common materials for woods as well as irons are titanium and steel. They are also different in their physical structure. Woods tend to be longer and have larger club heads, which allows them to make ball fly higher and make it cover longer distance. We’ve also mentioned hybrids, and let’s explain what they are. Hybrids, as you can probably guess based on their name, are clubs that are somewhere in between irons and woods. Personally,  i like them a lot, because i think they incorporate best features of both types of clubs. Because of their versatile design, hybrids are also used in many other situations.

Golf has a rule that one player is only allowed to use fourteen clubs on the golf course, but i think most casual players don’t need any more than five or six. At least when you’re just getting started, extra golf clubs will be more hindrance rather than help. Knowing how to use extra golf clubs properly takes a lot of experience and relevant knowledge. This is why i think that for beginners, having just one club of each type can be more than enough. Once you reach the intermediate level though, you might want to upgrade to something better. I like this review, which talks about golf clubs for average players.

Are utility irons effective?

When it comes to making long distance shots on the golf course, players usually have three choices : using woods, hybrids or utility irons. Woods are often the default choice and standard for most golfers, but more and more of them have been re-considering their choice of using woods. There are many situations in which hybrids and utility irons are in fact, more effective. But let’s talk about that later. Now, let’s clarify what exactly utility irons are and what they are used for. As we’ve mentioned before, they are used for hitting golf balls out of fairway greens. They differ from normal irons in their design and other features. They are designed to make the ball fly longer than normal irons, while trying to minimize the sacrifice in accuracy. This may seem like too much to ask of one club, but there are many such driving irons which are commonly used by golfers, even professionals. In fact, a lot of professionals use driving irons on tournaments, allegedly because of their superior performance. One thing can be said for sure – utility irons are hard to swing, but once you figure out how to do it properly, then using them is a breeze and will give you major advantage over your competitors. Because of their low backspin, driving irons are also very good for windy environment. To use them properly, you must have a lot of experience and muscle knowledge. I would recommend taking few lessons to improve your swing and actually practicing on the golf course.

In my opinion, the best brand making utility irons right now is Callaway. Their X-forged iron is probably the best among its class on the market right now. It’s design is great in every way – in style as well as in real game improvement effects it has. They have also chosen to make club head of this utility iron out of tungsten, a premium material that further promotes forgiveness in this club. However, if you are looking for budget friendly utility iron, X-forged utility iron might not be the best fit for you.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, then it might be a good idea to check out used golf clubs. You can find a lot of high-end clubs that are being sold at half or one third of a price, just because they’ve been taken out of the box and used only once or twice. However, finding such deals is not easy, and requires some time and intricate knowledge of golf clubs. If you don’t have these, i’d advise to either gain knowledge about utility irons by reading about them, or asking a friend to help out. Either way, eBay and Craigslist are good place to search, although i must warn you that there are many knockoff golf clubs listed on craigslist. So, probably eBay is the better place to buy used clubs.

If you’re a beginner though, i’d recommend using woods and hybrids, not utility irons. They have steep learning curve and are better suited for experienced golfers who know what they’re doing. 

Necessary golf gear for seniors

Most golfers are seniors, i think that is due to the fact that people usually start playing golf once they retire and need something to entertain themselves. Of course, there are many people who start playing golf in their youth and still continue to pursue it once they’re old, but i think they are minority. Although i must assert that i don’t have any official statistics to support that claim. Golf is rightfully stereotyped as being old people’s sport,  and one of the reasons for that might be young people’s lack of enthusiasm for golf. Whatever the reason is, young people are just not that into golf anymore. I think it’s appearance of alternative entertainment opportunities, like video games and unlimited media content that they can binge watch. Let’s get back to talking about seniors though. Because there are so many of senior golfers, golf manufacturers have started making golf gear designed specifically for these players. We’ll be talking about what sort of gear is best and necessary for seniors these days, and how to go about getting it.

First and most obvious, are probably golf clubs. Every golfer needs good set of clubs to excel at this game, and seniors are no exception. Their needs differ from those of average golfer a little bit, though. Mainly due to their physical condition. Senior golfers don’t have as much strength, which also affects their swing speeds and techniques. That’s why i think that golf clubs that are made for seniors should be at least two of these three things : lightweight, easy to hit, and forgiving. It’s hard to pin down what exactly forgiveness means, especially considering the fact that that word is being thrown around carelessly, but to me, it means that golf club is forgiving of errors in player’s swing. Because of previously mentioned reasons, seniors make a lot of mistakes in their swings. For once, stability of some of their hands is much less than what it used to be, so it should be expected that they’re going to mess up more of their shots.

One more piece of golf gear that is essential for seniors to get right is a golf bag. It is what you use to carry your golf clubs around the course, so not only do golfers use their bags every day, but design of those clubs affect their performance significantly. If your golf bag is uncomfortable to carry around and always requires your attention, you’ll be too exhausted to reach your peak performance on golf course. To make sure that you won’t have such a problem, there are few features that your golf club must have. First of all, it’s design must be well-thought-of and ergonomic, not just stylish. By that, i mean this : it’s straps (or other mode of transportation) should be comfortable on your shoulders or on your arms, depending on how you’re carrying them. I like cart bags even more than normal golf bags. They can be moved like a trolley and are excellent option for golfers who like to walk on the golf course. If you can’t afford one, i’d recommend getting at least the kind of golf bag that can stand on its legs. I believe they’re called stand bags. I believe that’s all the advice i have to give, i hope it was helpful for any senior golfer looking for recommendations on how to buy golf gear. 

Importance of Hydration while playing Golf

Few months ago, i read about results of a study about hydration and how much it (or lack of it) can affect your physical performance. It’s been two months since i started hydrating myself consciously, and i have to say, my feelings do confirm that drinking lots of water increases your productivity on the golf course. Not only on the golf course, but i feel happier overall. Waking up is more pleasurable, so is resting after long walk. This isn’t golf related, but i have one more tip for those who don’t sleep well – drink at least a glass of water before going to sleep.

 When you’re being physically active, like when you’re playing golf, it’s important to drink even more water than usual. Definitely drink before and after workouts, but i have mixed feelings about during workouts. It makes me feel tired and less focused. But everyone’s different, try it out yourself and see how it feels. Effects of drinking more water are even more noteworthy when it’s summer and weather is hot. As opposed to drinking beer, which makes you feel good by dumbing down your senses, water actually cools your body and helps it function better. As a result of that, you’ll feel better as well. Remember to always carry bottle of water with you on the golf course. If you’re caught completely dehydrated, you might experience dizziness and fatigue. If you haven’t had enough water, you’ll definitely lose coordination and i promise, it will affect your game. Not only that, but dehydration affects all parts of your body – from brain to muscles – equally. They all suffer because of your decision to not drink enough water. In summer, especially, your body excretes lots of fluids, and it needs some source of fluids to stay at its top shape. I recommend drinking at least 100 ounces a day.

Having the right golf club bag is also important. Your bag should have room for water bottles and other accessories. I have Callaway Strata Ultimate set and it’s very good. Here’s the review to give you idea about it’s pros and cons.

 Water’s not the only source of hydration though. Lots of my friends have had good results with drinking sports drinks. It’s especially recommended to choose sports drinks over water during the exercise. These drinks have just enough sugar to keep you at top performance, and they can replenish fluids lost to sweating and even some electrolytes like sodium that plain water can’t provide. The downside to these drinks is that their effects mostly depend on somewhat high amounts of sugar. Because of that, they contain more calories, so if you’re concerned about keeping your weight or keeping the level of sugar in your blood low, you might want to think twice before drinking sports drinks. Other good option is to dilute these drinks with water, so that you’re still getting necessary nutrients, but not too much sugar.

 As you can probably guess, i don’t drink alcohol during golf games and don’t recommend it to anyone. It may feel good, but it makes your performance worse. I haven’t had much experience with sodas and juices, either good or bad, but i think they should be fine in small doses. Overall, the safest option is definitely water.

Annoying things about traveling for golf

I’ve been to many different countries for sole purpose of playing golf. Sometimes alone, but mostly with my friends who also like to play golf. So i know quite a lot about ins and outs of golf travel. When i go to the golf course near my home, people always ask me things about traveling for golf and i try to give the best advice i can. Today, i want to talk about annoying things that happen when you’re on the golf trip. Some of it is fault of travel companies or airways, while other things happen because of ignorance of people. So hopefully, all of them can learn a thing or two, so that we can make each other’s lives easier.

 First and most annoying thing is airlines and their treatment of golf bags. Airlines sometimes even charge you extra to carry golf bag, not to mention the fact that you have to pay twice or three times as much for the shipping. That is, because golf clubs are fragile, and need special treatment in order to not get damaged easily. Granted, some of the airlines don’t do this, and i try to stick with them whenever i can, but sometimes, their prices are too high and i have to go with the ones that try to make traveling golfers’ life difficult however they can.

 There are many excellent golf courses that have really bad guest rooms. I don’t know why they hesitate to renovate them, but it leaves really bad impression when you’ve traveled such a long distance just to be there. Golf courses never include these pictures on their websites either. They probably don’t make effort because the actual courses are good enough to attract more than enough visitors as it is. Still, i wish they took a little more care of indoors, as well. While we’re at it, i also hate when golf courses have bad websites. When that’s the case, i have to search for most basic information all over the internet, usually tripadvisor. When golf course doesn’t have basic things like properly functioning website, i am really skeptical of it’s value.

 One thing that annoys me more than slow players themselves, is bad slow play enforcers. It is their duty to make sure that game goes on uninterrupted, but for some reason, i’ve had more than few cases of enforcers who did nothing and as a result, ruined everyone’s day. I always look for that when going through review of a golf course.

  I usually carry my golf club set with me wherever i go, but still, sometimes i like to rent clubs locally. It’s really disturbing when golf course doesn’t have any top quality club set available for rental. I usually try to find that out in advance before going, though. While we’re on topic of spending money on the course, i also hate when stores on the course overcharge for most basic items like bottle of water. It is usually possible to buy solid golf clubs locally, but i’m left handed, so buying good left handed clubs isn’t really a viable option. GolfClubsGuru gives some really good advice on buying clubs as left handed person.

How to choose golf clubs for women

Golfers are usually limited to carrying 14 golf clubs with them on the course. Which exact clubs they choose is up to them, and for beginners, making your first golf club set can be a huge challenge. It is especially hard for women, because they don’t have wide range of choices like men do. But there are few things they can do to make whole process simpler. For once, when you’re choosing golf clubs for yourself, first thing you should do is learn more about your measurements such as height, swing speed, even shoe size. That is necessary to find golf clubs that fit you perfectly.

 Standard ladies’ golf club set will include woods, irons, wedges and one putter.  There is likely to be three woods included – driver, 3 wood and 5 wood. Some club sets, with fewer overall number of clubs, don’t include 5 wood.  There is also iron set – usually consisting of 5 or more irons. Choosing which iron to hit is confusing at first, but basically, your choice should depend on how far the target is and how much accuracy you feel like you’ll need. Modern hybrids have become so good that some women choose to replace irons with them. Hybrids appeal to women because of their lightweight materials and good feel. Hybrids also tend to be easier to hit for beginners and more forgiving, regardless of gender.

 Ladies tend to have slower swing speed than men, because they are aren’t as big physically and also weaker. That’s why golf club manufacturers are making separate golf clubs for each gender. Women golfers rarely have high enough swing speed to justify playing with men’s clubs, and vice versa. Needless to say, one should choose golf club depending on the speed of their swing speed. For example, titanium clubfaces are great for women with slow swing speeds. If you’re having trouble getting ball to fly up in the air, there are golf clubs made for that as well. Club manufacturers tweak little things to give you more advantage over the situation. When golf club is likely to encourage high flying shots, it is said to have high backspin.

 Which exact iron set you get depends on the level of your experience as well. More experienced women tend to get lower irons and hybrids, but for beginners, higher irons like 7-iron are more recommended. Beginner ladies also tend to use longer woods instead of high irons. As mentioned above, there are other design tweaks that manufacturers use to make golf clubs more beginner friendly. If you think you’re going to need it, look for game improvement golf clubs for women.

Some Underrated Vegetables You Should be Eating

How about we talk veggies. Over and over we are reminded that weight control plans wealthy in vegetables (and natural products) are related with positive wellbeing results. The individuals who expend a create rich eating routine have a diminished danger of growth, coronary illness and diabetes. Foods grown from the ground give various vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber, all of which our bodies use to continue running taking care of business and lessen danger of malady.

In spite of knowing this, a great many people still aren’t eating enough. Nourishment overviews constantly demonstrate that by far most of individuals, including kids, aren’t getting enough products of the soil. While the sweetness of organic products tends to make them a simpler offer, it’s the poor vegetables that regularly get pushed aside. Despite the fact that vegetables like kale, and now cauliflower, are picking up notoriety on the plate, there are such a large number of other well meriting veggies that get neglected.

I’ve never considered much red cabbage up to this point. It’s kind of difficult to get amped up for cabbage however it’s extremely a vegetable worth having around. There are two reasons why this has now turned into a star in my veggie crisper, one being its flexibility and the other being its time span of usability. While I’m super enamored with greens and other more sensitive veggies, it’s great to have a couple of tough vegetables around that can last a bit in your ice chest.

Ideally it is extraordinary to get crisp deliver day by day, however we don’t live ideally. We live in a bustling world, with all day employments, youngsters, exercises and duties. Strong veggies, similar to red cabbage, can help us by remaining crisp for more. When you purchase a head of red cabbage, you realize that it will in any case be great 3 or 4 days which extraordinarily helps in longer term feast arranging.

Red cabbage is something other than a tried and true veggie, staying around while you gobble up your more sensitive vegetables. Nutritiously, it’s a decent wellspring of vitamin A, C and K, and fiber. It is additionally a wellspring of glucosinolates, or sulfur-containing mixes thought to have against malignancy properties.

Watercress, a verdant green in the Brassicaceae group of vegetables, frequently gets left out of the basic supply truck. You may not consider much watercress but rather did you realize that it as of late beat the rundown of “powerhouse” foods grown from the ground? In a recent report, it was discovered that watercress contained the most ceaseless illness battling supplements among 40 or so leafy foods considered. Who knew such a create walkway loner was stowing away such a nutritious punch?

Watercress has a fresh, peppery flavor. Because of this marginally peppery flavor, I think that its best to combine watercress with something that supplements its flavor as well as tones down the flavor force, for example, smooth sustenances like avocado or delicate cheddar or with sweeter vegetables or organic products.